Sound for Stress Reduction


Coming from a background of innovation and tech, we have experienced first hand the incredible pressure of sprints, constant pings from slack and 14hr work days. Our passion to create Symphonic comes from a deep understanding for the need to provide stress reduction in the workplace. We have found the sound bath to be the easiest way to meditate, reduce stress, and increase feelings of wellbeing.  

Through years of practice with the gong and other sound healing instruments we have developed a beautiful 30min sound journey that enables you to quickly drop into the theta wave brain state, allowing you to achieve the maximum benefits of deep meditation in the shortest amount of time. This gives your limbic system, the core of the central nervous system, the much needed break from our demanding lives and busy minds. Sound meditation is a proven tool to relieve the symptoms of adrenal fatigue which can lead to burnout.

We combine the highest quality "sound healing instruments" such as the Symphonic gong, Tibetan bells, koshi chimes, wave drum with beautiful ambient soundscapes played through high definition speakers.

The Symphonic mission, is to share this deeply restorative and rejuvenating experience to people in the workspace. Symphonic client list includes; RobinHood, Numerai, Mindspace, Canopy, L Seven, Super Girls Club, The Midway, Yoga Tree, and other private clients. Looking forward to hearing from you.