I was surprised how
in only 30 minutes I felt totally rejuvenated from my
stressful week
— Sarah, SF

Symphonic is the perfect blend of sound healing instruments with modern soundscapes wrapped in a luxurious experience.
— Ben, SF

I loved that they offered both green & kava tea afterwords, very thoughtful
— Kelly, SF

The wave drum made me feel like I was at the beach, such a beautiful instrument, I haven’t felt this relaxed in a while, I’m coming back for more
— Meredith, SF

From the smell of Palo Santo, the soft white furs, the gorgeous instruments, Symphonic is truly a beautiful and modern sound bath
— Stephanie, SF

The experience transported the whole room into deep, spacious relaxation. We melted into our wholeness and the connections between us became richer.
— Barbara, SF

An incredible soundbath - all the details from decor and ambience to the the masterful execution of sacred sound instruments and Seth’s soothing meditation cues sent me into a relaxed and blissful trance, and later the most restful sleep I’ve had in a while. A huge pleasure and honor to experience ✨
— Nat, SF

The design of the space
was gorgeous
— Damian, SF

I went to the sound bath and chill event, and meet some cool new people, great way to make some authentic connections
— Jessica, SF